Education is the intellectual and morel training of individuals and a way to achieve material fulfillment as well as spiritual development. According to Islamic point of view, education is the process of developing an attitude, in harmony with the religious norms, and helping individuals build a healthy view of life.

School is the basic and primary institution of learning, which is responsible for advancement of a student through development of the mind and character.

At The Beginners, we believe in high quality modern education, with due emphasis on the preservation of our Islamic ideology. We focuses on the following.
  • Building up and nurturing the personality of an individual i.e making it dynamic, creative and capable of confronting challenges.
  • Implementing curriculum, relevant to the nation's changing social and economic needs, compatible with our basic ideology.
  • Mobilizing the youth for facing future challenges by producing in them leadership qualities like capabilities of decision making, critical thinking and troubleshooting.
  • Our approach to assess and evaluate the students aims at their development as independent learners than testing their faculty of memorizing.

  • We have a pleasant and practical approach towards education in a friendly atmosphere and also believe in interactive learning, leading to personality and conceptual development. At The Beginners, English is the medium of instruction but we also pay close attention to islamiat and urdu. Nurturing the ability to read the verses of Holy Quran, Ahadith and Masnoon Duas, right fro pre-nursery level, is of great significance for the future lifestyle of the students.

    The Beginners aim at providing quality education, based on a fusion of modern knowledge and Islamic values, leading to academic and moral progress of the learners and promotion of social and cultural harmony among them.
    Assessment And Evaluation
    Student's progress is monitored on an ongoing basis. We, at The Beginners, assess and evaluate the performance of our students throughout the year. The assessments are not only based on the student's ability to memorize but also on their progress in the acquisition of skills.
    Teacher Training
    Teachers are the builders of a nation. They are supposed to translate a country's educational theories and policies into practice by the implementing them in real and practical situations. We believe that better trained teachers are capable of teaching their students more efficiently. Our teacher training program features:
  • It focuses on objectivesand raises skills and abilities of the teachers.
  • It develops teacher's classroom and teaching skills.
  • Special emphasis on classroom organization and time management.
  • In-service training programs enhance capabilities of the teachers.
  • Certificate courses from professional institutions are also part of our teacher training program.

  • Lesson Planning
    Our teacher design interactive and interesting student-oriented lesson plans. The lesson plans are professionally designed with proper attention; given to all the aspects of a balanced lesson i.e. motivation, introduction, application and evaluation.
    Curriculum is the driving force behind the success of a school. We have a complete and compact curriculum. The book has been prepared by experts on curriculum.
    Parent's Teacher's Meeting
    The binding force between school and parents in the mutual concerned regarding the personality and conceptual development of the child. To monitor the child's gradual advancement of great significance for this purpose we plan to have the parent teacher meeting on quarterly basis to assist the ongoing progress and discuss the relevant issues if any.