The Beginners Library
From the pre-nursery, we introduce programs, designed to produce a willingness to read among the children. We have a well-stocked library with a variety and rich collection of books for the students. The effort to increase the library collection is continuous.
Medical Checkups
A healthy body beholds a healthy mind and a healthy mind explores and retains all the potentials of the active and permanent learning. So at The Beginners we regularly monitor the health and fitness of our students through half yearly medical checkups. Whereas the school environment will be ideally catering the hygiene and cleanliness aspects. With all the essential support i.e a healthy body and a healthy mind in a clean environment will excel the learning process to its maximum level InshaAllah.
The Beginners is commited to keep place with rapid advancement in the field of technology. In order to meet the challenges of 21st contury, all students have access to computers.